Saturday, June 11, 2011 - 19:45
The Anvil, Basingstoke
Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra
Stephen Scotchmer
Rebecca Totterdell
James Lisney - Piano


Tchaikovsky:   Fantasy Overture: Romeo and Juliet

Grieg:                Piano Concerto in A Minor

Dvorak:            Symphony No. 9 in E Minor: New World


Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra is pleased to welcome back James Lisney for the tenth time, to perform one of the most popular works in the repertoire.  From the opening virtuosic flourish, Grieg’s famous piano concerto is imbued with drama and lyricism as well as echoes of the composer’s native Norwegian folk music.  Although the work was written when Grieg was only twenty-four, he is known to have revised it on at least seven occasions. The final version of the concerto was finished only a few weeks before the composer died.

Dvorak’s New World Symphony is one of the orchestral favourites. It was written during the composer’s stay in the United States in 1893.  The tender nostalgia of the renowned cor anglais solo in the slow movement recalls the African-American spirituals which Dvorak heard on his travels.  The programmatic Romeo and Juliet overture by Tchaikovsky focuses on three aspects of Shakespeare’s play: the introduction represents the saintly Friar Laurence, the second strand is an agitated theme of the warring Capulet and Montague families, and the third strand is a passionate love theme, always with an underlying current of anxiety. 

This concert will give listeners the opportunity to hear some of their favourite Romantic works.

Tickets: £9, £14 and £18